What Do We Want? Equality! When Do We Want It? Now!
grumpy cat yes

If the Grump Cat himself says "Yes." to marriage equality, it must be good. For years, the LGBTQ community has rallied; petitioned; and marched for equality. Many hurdles have been cleared and many more remain.

As I was scrolling on Facebook today, I saw a literal flood of red and pink equality symbols for profile pictures. I won't even mention how many posts I saw shouting marriage equality covering my news feed. So many rally together and so many more join this political war every single day, yet the government continues to deny us? What we seem to have forgotten is WE put those people in that position. WE gave them that power, and WE can strip it just as easily.

United we stand. Divided we fall.


It's Ok To Be Different - Or Is It?
All over Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the news we see slogans such as "NO H8!", "FK H8!", GetEqual, "It's OK 2B Different", The Trevor Project, It Gets Better, etc. There are several different projects out there spreading the news that it's ok to be different and stand up for people you see being bullied because they're different. There's a news station that sets up various "What Would You Do?" situations in public places where somebody is bashing somebody else for the most hot button reasons (gender, sexuality, etc.) and I can see the looks on these peoples' faces. It's almost like they're thinking "Is it really ok to be different?" I just wanted to answer that question.


Be different! Be strong. You are NEVER alone. If you're suicidal, call this number: 1-800-273-8255. This will get you directly to a person that cares. Talk to them. They are there to listen to you. If you don't want to call the number, call your friend; your priest; your pastor; your teacher; your counselor; ANYBODY! Don't hurt yourself. Don't think you're alone.The Trevor Project

If you're being bullied at school, at home, at work, talk to somebody. Find somebody to tell that will listen. Don't be ashamed to tell your teacher, your principal, your parents. Find somebody who will listen to you, even if it's a complete stranger.

It's OK 2B D!FF3R3NT!

Small Business Owners and Pricing
I love shopping in little individually owned places. They have more unique merchandise than the generic output of places like Wal-Mart. What amazes me is the things other customers will say about the shop, particularly the negative comments. My absolute biggest pet peeve is price tags. A lot of these little shops have a cat and cats gravitate towards price tags. It happens. That's why you ask the clerk how much something is instead of saying, "Well, it's not priced so it must not be for sale." Have you tried to keep every single item for sale in a shop priced with a cat that has a price tag addiction?
It's IMPOSSIBLE! Running a shop includes so much more than opening the door for customers every day and closing it when you're ready to go home. Instead of complaining about something not being priced, open your mouth and ask. You just might be passing up the best deal of your life and giving somebody else the chance to snag it.

What a crazy time it has been since I've last been on here. Thankfully my friends at Mammie's Country Candles & Curios got their AC fixed. Yay! I have since moved on to my own business venture and I will be adding links to that at the end of this post.

So far my battle with the SSA has been a losing one. I was unable to get a doctor to fill out paperwork for the lawyer in time to get a court appeal so I am back to square one. I will continue working on my doctor and hopefully he'll give in and fill out those papers so I can at least have a lawyer on my third round of reapplication for disability. Wee. Aahh but such is life, no? I will get it eventually. I just have to fight more because I am young (even though I don't feel like it) and the doctors all think I'm nutso until they see my x-rays. I've already lost 1/2 inch in height. You'd think that would be evidence of something but I guess not. Oh well.

Here are those links. One is for my business FB page and the other is for the business itself. Please bear with me as I am just getting started on this and I don't have all of my merchandise listed yet. Please feel free to check them out and give me a "Like" on FB and a "Favorite" on Etsy.



Help Cool Mammie's Country Candles

Help me help my friends at Mammie's Country Candles get a new air conditioner. The AC repairman gave them an estimate and they should only need about $500 more to stay open through this summer, recovering from last summer's loses and continuing to stay open for many years to come.

Help A Local Mom and Pop Shop!
Mammie's Country Candles & Curio Shop in downtown Gladewater needs your help. They have not had an AC for the last two years because the landlord refuses to fix the unit. It is going to cost them money they do not have - $3,600.00. I am asking you to check out their website or go to their shop if you are local. If they can make enough money, they can stay open and continue providing the awesome curiosities they have now. www.mammiescountrycandles.com

BlackWolfe Readings is now open!
A great many thanks to www.mammiescountrycandles.com for allowing me a spot on their server to start up my own little page for my medicine card readings. The URL is www.mammiescountrycandles.com/BlackWolfe_Readings/Welcome.html There is also access from the homepage: www.mammiescountrycandles.com The downside is I can't give easier PayPal payment options and offer my gris-gris bags. Until further notice, to schedule a reading, you'll have to go through Mammie's Country Candles and they will notify me. From there I will contact you for invoicing and appointment.

Check it out!

An Opportunity Presents Itself
Things are looking up for my medicine card readings. I may be able to sister off www.mammiescountrycandles.com and create a simple site with easier payment access! Yay! This will allow me to further expand not only my card readings with the various spreads but also my mojo and gris-gris bags. I'm super excited.

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